About D. R. Martin Transport

Meet the owner David Martin and Jessica Martin. They are a husband and wife team taking the transportation industry by storm. Not only do they enjoy giving back to their friends and family the knowledge of running and starting there own transportation business but now they are opening the doors for you to! David and Jessica have been in the trucking industry for years and have several other successful businesses as well, including a million-dollar credit repair business. Let Martin’s help you build your Empire just as they have built there’s with love and determination.

D. R. Martin’s Transport is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of those we interact with. This goal is more than a catchphrase – it is a way of life that requires every team member working in the same direction with a unified focus. To support this mission we have a set of COMMON VALUES that are core to our philosophy of life & work. We will not get it right every time, but we will strive every day to support and embrace these values.

The core values of D. R. Martin’s Trucking are the guidelines by which we seek to conduct ourselves every day.

Safety deliver reliable services

Our mission first and foremost is to wow! our partners with services and dedication that goes beyond their expectations. We are committed to accomplishing this mission with the highest regard for safety in every way.

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